Technology and engineering are at the core of Flatshop's success story. These elements have been fueling India's shopping journey with real-world innovations. The Technology Group at Flatshop has some of the best minds in the country, working on solutions that are pioneering change in the e-commerce space.

From advances in Data Sciences and Consumer Experience Solutions to breakthroughs in Product Engineering and Application Design, this is where all the action happens at Flatshop. Think you have it in you to build the next big tech solution for India? Then explore opportunities here.


Flatshop as an online platform offers customers a spread of various products. Every day, our categories portfolio and product range expand to meet the increasing shopping demands of the nation. At the core of this function lies the highly capable hands of experts in sales, analytics, and business development.

The Sales & Business Development teams at Flatshop have some of the best management experts in the country, who work closely with partners in the e-tail ecosystem. From Brand Relations Managers to Sales and Marketing professionals, this is one of the most fast-paced groups to work for in India's e-commerce space. Start exploring opportunities now.


The Customer Shopping Experience is the most crucial touch-point for any business in the space of e-commerce. For end users, this is the face of the brand and the logic remains the same for Flatshop . Today, Flatshop offers users a device-agnostic experience by being accessible across desktops, mobile, and other devices. we have invested time and effort to understand the needs of the Indian consumer and integrated our learnings into the experiences created on Flatshop ensuring that our customers have a seamless shopping experience, at all touchpoints.

Behind the veil, the Flatshop shopping experience has been orchestrated by some of the best engineers, UX & UI designers, developers, and customer support experts. Want to know what opportunities exist within this group? Explore our opening, right away.